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    Feel the rush of soaring through the air with Ski Jump!

    How does it feel like to be on the top of the Ski Jumping- tower, looking at the landscape and waiting for your turn to come? Now you have the chance to experience it.

    Ski Jumping game is a great way to experience a Winter Sport which is commonly known in Finland. To be able to success in the game, a person needs an explosive takeoff power, quick reaction and good mobility.

    When playing the Ski Jumping game, you need to control four areas:

    Mobility - Squat as low as you can to reach a maximum speed

    Reaction speed and Timing – Takeoff from the ramp in right time

    Explosive takeoff power – Jump up from the takeoff ramp as high as you can

    Body balance – Notice the wind conditions and balance your jump with your arms and try to do a stylish landing by bending your knees (called the “Telemark landing”)

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