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    A larger range of services and feelgood workouts

    Klub1 in Jyväskylä wanted to find a new way to get parents and their kids to enjoy a workout together. They were also looking to get a new take on the traditional cardio workouts.

    They needed something that would be a better fit than the cardio machines to get this done. Something that's fun for all ages, makes you sweat and gets your heart racing and at the same time leaves you standing with a smile on your face, feeling successful.

    They got iWall.

    iWall fits perfect with Klub1 and their members needs. It´s been a welcome addition and is now frequently used in warm up sessions as well as in rehabilitation and workouts. Gaming, or rather Exergaming, is now something that Klub1´s members are really excited about and they're enjoying the variety and social aspect it gives them.