iwall - fibo innovation award nominee

iWall - Ultimate
exergaming solution‎

Cutting-edge exergaming product powered by motion tracking technology, which transforms the players body into a game controller. Challenge your body control in Shadow Master, race across the rooftops in Parkour or put your upper body endurance to test in Space Shooter.



Exergaming creates experiences that will increase the motivation to exercise. Active games that encourage players to jump and maintain balance are known to improve balance in the long term up to 30%. Also players reaction time, endurance, coordination and speed increases. Exergaming decreases stress levels and increases brain activity which helps e.g. students to focus better.


Service and maintenance

  • warranty 1 year
  • online chat support
  • remote diagnostics

Specs and requirements

  • wireless or wired internet connection
  • area needed for playing: W 3 meters x L 3 meters (10 feet x 10 feet)

Package includes:

  • motion sensor
  • 2 x 65-inch screens
  • 1 x pc